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Lucozade Lite

The nice people at Lucozade sent me a box of the new Lucozade Lite which is out at the end of this month. Only 50 calories. I tried the Berry flavour stuff and it was fine. This is the blurb.

New Lucozade Sport Lite is designed to give your workout, training or sporting session a boost with only 50 calories per serve. This calorie content is lower than most sports drinks and it is therefore ideal for activities where less energy replenishment is required and you don’t consume more calories than you burn

I went for a quick 4 miler at work………not good wobbly belly.

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Impromptu Alwen Reservoir Run.

I was working near a water treatment works today which is way out in the hills of North Wales. I found a little reservoir near by and decided to go for a quick plod. I nearly got caught butt naked in the car park while i was putting my shorts on by a couple of walkers appearing from some woods behind me. I have never been here before so i just headed over the dam and followed a path. I thought i could make it all the way round the reservoir but at the 2 mile point i took what i thought looked like a little short cut. It turned out to be a dead end and after fighting my way through the pine trees i ended up back on the path i came in on. With a few nicks on my arms and legs i was very much relived to have made it out :) I ended up running back which turned out to be just over 4 miles………lovely!

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Fat Gut

Yesterday i went for a 6 miler and today i went for a 4 miler both at work where the hills are killers. Today i had a pain in my lower abdomen during most of the run but i think this is just due to the extra pounds gained over the Easter holidays. I can feel the wobble.

Just 11 days to go until the Sheffield Half Marathon which falls on the same day as the London Marathon. So good luck to all of you who are in that race.

Tuesday – Ran 6.09 miles in 53:56 @ 8:51 min/miles pace

Today – Ran 4.06 miles in 35:16 @ 8:41 min/miles pace

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Got beeped at twice while out running today by random people. I have no idea why? I did check to see if i had any toilet paper stuck to my shoe/face/arse and i did remember to put my shorts on. So i can only come to the only logical conclusion which is to say that these people are just twats.

You may have noticed a slight change to the theme i use. If you think it is minging and really can’t stand the sight of it then please let me know.

I do this run a lot the Garmin Connect website where i upload all my GPS data after a run. It produces fantastic info geek porn.

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Best 4 miler ever in the history of me running.

It was good and i couldn’t think of another blog title. I took a few days rest and if by rest i mean eat 2 very large Curry’s and drink lots of beer in a week then i did indeed have a very good rest and lots of it.

The 4 miler was in the hills this afternoon and i have never felt fitter.

Ran 4.06 miles in 36:32 @ 9:00 min/miles pace

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A 5 and a 4

Yesterday i really didn’t feel like going for a run. I was tired at work all day and had the feeling i was getting a cold or something but i got my arse out of the door and went for a 5 miler. Today i felt better and when i finished work i went for another 5 miler but the GPS only says i did just over 4 that’s because i ran off without switching the thing on. DOH!

Ran 4.37 miles in 35:52 @ 8:12 min/miles pace

The new trainers given me a nice blister on the end of my toe. It’s not sore and i can’t wait to pop this little beauty.

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Fast 4 Tuesday.

Just got back from a 4 miler. I had a few Guinness last night not many just more than one :) and i felt it today during this run. Race weekend this Sunday it’s advertised as an undulating 10km……eeps!

Ran 4.21 miles in 34:19 @ 8:09 min/miles pace

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New Daps

Got up this morning and went for a 4 miler. No scoff so i felt quite tired during the run. Went to Chester after the run to a specialist running shop to get some trainers. They have a treadmill and a camera to record the foot strike etc. Quite interesting to see the mechanics of your own foot in slow motion. Apparently i have a neutral style of running which it turns out is good. So i spent a small fortune on these.

Ran 4.21 miles in 35:32 @ 8:26 min/miles pace

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