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Nice Hot Six

Sweating like a mule on a 6 miler this afternoon. It’s quite remote where i run and i had my i pod shuffle on so i admit it i nearly jumped out of my skin when a skinny tall athletic chap came running past me. He obviously smelt the fear because he raised his arm in a sort of apologetic manner.

Ran 6.09 miles in 54:18 @ 8:55 min/miles pace

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An Early 6 Miler

Another relatively early start with massive blue sky’s and a cool breeze it was a nice run. I’m far from feeling to healthy  after some weekends of debauchery but after the 3 runs this week and the no drinking situation I’m starting to feel just about normal again.

Ran 6.13 miles in 51:58 @ 8:29 min/miles pace

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Fat Gut

Yesterday i went for a 6 miler and today i went for a 4 miler both at work where the hills are killers. Today i had a pain in my lower abdomen during most of the run but i think this is just due to the extra pounds gained over the Easter holidays. I can feel the wobble.

Just 11 days to go until the Sheffield Half Marathon which falls on the same day as the London Marathon. So good luck to all of you who are in that race.

Tuesday – Ran 6.09 miles in 53:56 @ 8:51 min/miles pace

Today – Ran 4.06 miles in 35:16 @ 8:41 min/miles pace

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Bird Support.

Saturday morning i went for 4 miler at home. Today i went for a 6 miler down the beach. It was rather blowy down on the front. I got caught out on the way back where a slightly freaky wave came rushing up on the path and completely soaked the bottom half of my legs anyway i had these little fellas cheering me on at about the 3.5 mile point.

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I went for another 6 miler this morning. It’s starting to get a bit chilly here now and i was getting blown all over the place with the wind. Apparently it’s a bit snowy in the East of the country. I hope you all freeze.

After the run and this weekends efforts i treated myself to a huge mug of Tea and a hot bath with the ducks.  Inspired by JogBlogs Pitta Bread making skills im off to make some homemade soup.

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