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Impromptu Alwen Reservoir Run.

I was working near a water treatment works today which is way out in the hills of North Wales. I found a little reservoir near by and decided to go for a quick plod. I nearly got caught butt naked in the car park while i was putting my shorts on by a couple of walkers appearing from some woods behind me. I have never been here before so i just headed over the dam and followed a path. I thought i could make it all the way round the reservoir but at the 2 mile point i took what i thought looked like a little short cut. It turned out to be a dead end and after fighting my way through the pine trees i ended up back on the path i came in on. With a few nicks on my arms and legs i was very much relived to have made it out :) I ended up running back which turned out to be just over 4 miles………lovely!

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