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A Run In The Woods.

I did set out to go for a 4 miler but ended up doing about 6 miles after taking a random detour into some woods. I have run past this entry point into the woods on numerous occasions but it has only recently been open to the public after some commercial loggers had finished there. It seemed pretty straight forward until i came across a fork in the path. I took the left and this inevitably took me deeper into the trees and at one point i was slightly navigationally embarrassed. I had my phone on me (for the snaps)and received a phone call from the wife. It felt a bit odd chatting away standing in the middle of some woods during a run. I eventually came out on a narrow tarmac road and headed downhill which took me to a 5 mile point marker i use on another route.

Took a few snaps on the way. The bush with the face on i have taken on different runs a few times including one when it was covered in snow but you could still see the face. I will try and get them all together.

I was working on Anglesey this morning and found the start for the half marathon. The route looks nice and flat hoozah!

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