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Best Running Shoe

Nike Air Pegasus the original we’re the first “cor blimey these are bloody expensive” trainers I bought way back in the old days. They really were different to anything I had owned before. I certainly haven’t owned loads of pairs over the years because I really do quite literally run them into the ground until they are falling apart. I’ve been told not to do this but when you look at where that advice is coming from it will inevitably be linked back to a marketing guy or one of the big company’s who sell this stuff….of course.

Anyway these trainers below the PT-1000 developed by the Physical Training Corps of the British Army are outclassing anything I have ever owned including the good old Nike Air Pegasus. I’ve had these well over a year now and they’re still solid and comfortable providing support and stability like it was the first week of owning them. I’m gonna try and get my hands on another pair as soon I can before they become as elusive as the classics.


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