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This was supposed to be posted on Friday.

This is the first time i have been for a run in months where i wore 2 layers on top as it was or it seemed a bit nippy outside. I’m rubbish in the cold. I used to be in the Army and people at work often take the piss out of me when i moan about the cold. They remind me i used to be a Soldier and i remind them that the i must of missed the lesson where they tell you how not to feel the cold.

5 miler completed this afternoon.

And this after the real afternoon that is today. I went for another 5 miler back in those woods i got sort of lost in last time but this time i didn’t get lost for obvious reasons.

Drank to much at the weekend again.

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So i start the New Year

with one of the worst colds ever recorded in the history of the Human Race. That is to say i am a man who has a bit of the sniffles. A new year resolution was to try to keep this blog up to date which means i run more and find the motivation to do so. So because i can’t run at the moment i thought i would post something.

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Run with a cold?

No Way! Ive done this before and it just makes it worse. I know some people say it does you good but advice from every medical resource i can find says don’t do it as well. So I’ve had a bit of a cold early on this week which is why i haven’t run until today. I went for a 4 miler while i was at work (do i run any other time?) and it was crap. All i have done for the last few days is stuff my face with crap food and man did i feel it when i was running.


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Run In The Hills

At work i went for a quick 3.5 mile run at the second attempt. I say second because the first time i walked outside it was cold and raining and i wimped out and went back indoors for half an hour. It calmed down and off i went. This area is very hilly and the first mile or so is just a killer. A dog came running after me as i passed a farm and it had a muzzle on which was good news this did not stop me from running faster for a brief period of time.


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Brutal Run

I know i keep banging on about the hills i run in at work but have i told you about the hills i run in at work? I went for a 4 miler this afternoon in driving cold rain and a good wind. It was the type of weather that catches your breath in the first 20 meters or so. I took my camera with me this time but after 4 pictures the battery died on me. Twat! Yes, i did use the timer as i was on my own and was very self conscious in case any Cows or Sheep were looking at me prancing around in the rain. Did i mention those bloody hills?

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