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Cold midweek update.

The cold is in the final stages now but i still have a chesty sort of cough. The whole family has been suffering with it including little Tom. I managed a few more 4 milers and i am now just and only just starting to get some sort of strength back. It’s remarkable how much fitness you lose in just a couple of weeks.

For those of you that don’t know JogBlog has started a new site/blog and is well worth checking out.

For no apparent reason that’s me with the fair hair with my brother sometime in the 1970’s when we lived in Croydon.


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This is the sound i make all day with the new cough who has decided to join in. When i go for a run it goes away but it comes back the moment i walk into the house. It seems to know it’s been away for a short period of time and obviously decides to make up for it because my chest sounds like a bag of marbles in a large metal tin shaken by a 4 year old.

Well i managed to do a 4 miler on Friday and when i got back from doing a little overtime at work this morning i did another 4 miles. Getting slightly high on the medicine i am taking or is that all the Coffee i had today?


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