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Cross Training.

I have been meaning to do some cross training for a long time so this morning i went for a 10 mile bike ride which takes me to the seaside town of Rhyl. Rhyl really is a dump. This place is stuck somewhere between 1975 and 1984. There is a clearly defined cycle path marked out on a 4 meter wide path all along the North Wales coast despite this people/idiots feel the need to walk inside it. There are even little pictures of bikes painted on the path in case anyone gets confused about the situation. Anyway i don’t think 10 miles is a¬†particularly¬†long way to go and i suppose it all depends on how fast you go. According to my GPS i was going about 17 – 18 mph most of the time. I have no idea if this a good speed or not but i was sweating buckets by the time i got home.

My legs are all wobbly now.

A speeded up mile.

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Back Is Back.

My back is now much better. I went for a run yesterday at work and had no problems and in fact knocked a couple of minutes off the time i usually get in on this run. I will post times etc when i get home.

Going to do some cross training to see if this has any effect on form etc.


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