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Cygnett sports armband

Just before Christmas i was kindly sent a  Cygnett sports armband which holds the iPhone and iPod. It holds the HTC Desire just as well. Its black and it has an adjustable Velcro strap which sits comfortably on the arm. I was slightly concerned that it may slip down after a few miles running but it sits there quite firmly. You can still use the touchscreen through the clear plastic window with no problems at all. It is now a part of my running kit when i take my phone out to record runs using the GPS. I have been converted from using a Garmin GPS to using my phone for a few reasons.

  1. Phone has a good Camera for the outdoor shot
  2. GPS software is updated regularly and tracks quickly
  3. Loads of running stats websites to Auto upload on WiFi when I’m in  the shower.
  4. No more MP3 Player. Music from the phone. (used to look like i was running with spaghetti)
  5. I have my phone on me in case the Prime Minister needs me



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