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First Ride

First proper ride on the mountain bike since the rib break. It was great to get back out in the hills on the bike and in the wet. The first mile or so was a bit twitchy but I soon settled into a rhythm and started to relax. Wet, muddy and very windy. Perfect conditions. When I got my bike out of the back of the van and the familiar wind coming off the Clwydian range hit my face I then had a big grin on my face. I have missed riding my bike so much. I didn’t realise how much until this moment.

It’s going to take a lot of riding to get back in shape. I’m off to Llandegla for some black route rides in a week or so. The crash has done me good in that I am more cautious with what I attempt. I’m not in my 20’s anymore where I once thought I was indestructible. I am very destructible, fragile and bitter. I mean happy.


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GPS Graffiti

After i had finished work i went out with the intention of doing some hill sprints or just old fashioned running fast getting my breath back and repeat until i feel sick. I also came up with a little plan where i try to “write” my name with the GPS. This failed as you can see from the result below unless my name is squiggly line which indeed it is not. So next time I’m gonna find a big field and make a better effort. Yes i felt sick at the end.


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The Quarry Run

Went for a run around the boundary of the quarry i work at and found a nice hill that extends for 300 meters or so where i did some …….well hill reps. I managed a total of 4 before my arse started asking for oxygen too. So i wobbled back and sprint finished the last 200 meters and just sat on a rock sweating until i could muster the energy to get my towel to wipe the torrent of sweat spraying out of my skin and drive home. I had a smile on my face for 30 seconds or so when i was on my way back. I think i’m learning very slowly how to enjoy this stuff again :)

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Rock Legs

Seriously stiff thighs after 3 days of running 4 milers. Went for a run today and met 3 other runners on the same patch of road. This i know is not very remarkable in itself but on this particular route it is rare that i ever see another human being during the whole run and as if to emphasise the point 2 of those people stopped for a quick natter which essentially amounted to “wtf are you doing here?” Always nice to chat to fellow runners while out training.

I might be back on for the Conwy Half Marathon. I will see how the next few days training pan out and then make a decision.

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Fat Gut

Yesterday i went for a 6 miler and today i went for a 4 miler both at work where the hills are killers. Today i had a pain in my lower abdomen during most of the run but i think this is just due to the extra pounds gained over the Easter holidays. I can feel the wobble.

Just 11 days to go until the Sheffield Half Marathon which falls on the same day as the London Marathon. So good luck to all of you who are in that race.

Tuesday – Ran 6.09 miles in 53:56 @ 8:51 min/miles pace

Today – Ran 4.06 miles in 35:16 @ 8:41 min/miles pace

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Got beeped at twice while out running today by random people. I have no idea why? I did check to see if i had any toilet paper stuck to my shoe/face/arse and i did remember to put my shorts on. So i can only come to the only logical conclusion which is to say that these people are just twats.

You may have noticed a slight change to the theme i use. If you think it is minging and really can’t stand the sight of it then please let me know.

I do this run a lot the Garmin Connect website where i upload all my GPS data after a run. It produces fantastic info geek porn.

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New Daps

Got up this morning and went for a 4 miler. No scoff so i felt quite tired during the run. Went to Chester after the run to a specialist running shop to get some trainers. They have a treadmill and a camera to record the foot strike etc. Quite interesting to see the mechanics of your own foot in slow motion. Apparently i have a neutral style of running which it turns out is good. So i spent a small fortune on these.

Ran 4.21 miles in 35:32 @ 8:26 min/miles pace

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In The Hills And Race Numbers

Got our race numbers through the post today for the Farndon 10km race on the 7th March. I haven’t touched a drop of booze since the last disastrous race preparation and do not intend to. Always nice to get the numbers quite early because for me it puts a bit more focus on the training. However because I am going to be running a Marathon quite soon I still have an eye on that and as such have planned some long distance work which I suppose is not great for 10km speed training. Who am I kidding I’m a 2 stone overweight amateur runner talking like a pro ………………. I love it.

Went for a 5 miler in the hills which turned out to be a nice run after having another rest day yesterday.

Ran 5.03 miles in 43:42 @ 8:41 min/miles pace

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