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The sun came out this morning while i was at work so not to miss such a rare event i stopped what i was doing put my running kit on and went for a run in case it only lasted a short period. The blue sky was welcome but could not disguise the blood chilling temperatures outside. I ended up doing an odd sort of run. My legs were tired from yesterdays efforts so i just ran as hard as i could uphill which there are many where i was today and then sort of bimbled on the downhill bits.

Ran 4.23 miles in 39:04 @ 9:14 min/miles pace

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8 Miler.

Just got back from a looped 8 miler. The route includes a massive hill. I say massive it’s not that big but it is huge. I finally did a run i intended to do before i did it if that makes any sense at all? I usually just run and see how i feel and whatever distance is done then that’s it.

I think i should have typed this in about 2 hours from now because i just seem to be rambling and I’m finding it hard to focus on the keyboard.

Ran 8.19 miles in 1:13:14 @ 8:57 min/miles pace

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Tuesday 5 Miler

Went for a 5 miler at work this afternoon. This route is very undulating and according to some geeky graphs from the GPS data it involves a higher accent in elevation in total than decent but in my head that would make me finish at a higher point than when i started because i started and finished at the same point?

edit – so if the route was on the side of a larger hill in itself then that would answer the elevation conundrum which wasn’t a conundrum at all i just had to zoom out so to speak and geographically think bigger. I know this is obvious to most people but I’m a bit thick.

Ran 5.02 miles in 42:15 @ 8:24 min/miles pace,

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Brutal Run

I know i keep banging on about the hills i run in at work but have i told you about the hills i run in at work? I went for a 4 miler this afternoon in driving cold rain and a good wind. It was the type of weather that catches your breath in the first 20 meters or so. I took my camera with me this time but after 4 pictures the battery died on me. Twat! Yes, i did use the timer as i was on my own and was very self conscious in case any Cows or Sheep were looking at me prancing around in the rain. Did i mention those bloody hills?

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Running Nice.

Just got back from doing a 4 Miler. Really pleased with this run because i felt good all the way (easy to say that once i finish) There are 2 big hills in this route and i still managed to keep a continuous pace. 461ft of ascent is that a lot?

Just loving the running at the moment.

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Work Running

I went for a quick 5 miler while i was at work this afternoon and because i work in the hilly bits it was a hard 5 miler. I don’t particuly enjoy running around here because there is just no let up. As soon as i leave that quarry it’s straight up. 

I haven’t done a race in ages so i entered the Nick Beer Llandudno 10km. the first half of this race is all up hill so todays run counts as hill training.

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Hill Work

It all sounds quite easy on paper. 10 reps of 200 meter uphill, jog down to recover. That was what i had a crack at doing this afternoon. After the 3rd rep i was blowing out of my arse it was just so hard. I think this obviously shows a lack of aerobic fitness and something i need to work on. I could only manage 8 and now that i have recovered i feel a bit let down i suppose its good to get a kick up the butt at this point and not just a few weeks before the Marathon when its to late to do something about it.

My wife still hasn’t popped our son out yet, 1 day overdue now.

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