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Before Work

At dark o’clock this morning I went for a run. Starting to enjoy the running before work, it’s a great way to start the day. The first half a mile or so is a bit horrendous with my body screaming “what the heck are you doing!” Still carrying to much weight and I can feel this wobbling as I plod along. Never mind, I know what to do to get rid of it and it will soon go.

Some stats on RunKeeper

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After blowing the dust of my trusty old Garmin Forerunner 201 (old skool keeping it real) i went for a nice and easy 3 miler this morning. A rare event to get up on a weekday and go for a run. So the inevitable posting of stats will of course begin again. It’s a good sign because this usually drives me into a spurt of consistent running. Lets hope so.

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I had the injection in my elbow on Monday and i’m not scared to admit that it was one of the most painful things i have ever had. ,The Doctor said just before he gave it to me “Phil this going to hurt a lot” i have never heard anyone in the medical profession say that. Oh boy it did. He had to stab the tendon about 10 times to get the steroid in directly and all over the inflamed part. Anyway my arm was very sore and stiff but it is easing off now.

I have just been for an exploratory jog. I had to walk parts of it as my arm was jarring but it was nice to get out in sun.

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A 5 and a 4

Yesterday i really didn’t feel like going for a run. I was tired at work all day and had the feeling i was getting a cold or something but i got my arse out of the door and went for a 5 miler. Today i felt better and when i finished work i went for another 5 miler but the GPS only says i did just over 4 that’s because i ran off without switching the thing on. DOH!

Ran 4.37 miles in 35:52 @ 8:12 min/miles pace

The new trainers given me a nice blister on the end of my toe. It’s not sore and i can’t wait to pop this little beauty.

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10 Miler

I haven’t run this far in a long time. A good friend (has to be to run with me) came with me and we kept a nice steady pace all the way round except for the last mile where we both pushed it which is turning into a bit of a habit now. The last mile has some uphill bits and just adds to the overall pain. Pleased to get a double figure run under the belt.

Ran 10.01 miles in 1:32:20 @ 9:13 min/miles pace

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New Daps

Got up this morning and went for a 4 miler. No scoff so i felt quite tired during the run. Went to Chester after the run to a specialist running shop to get some trainers. They have a treadmill and a camera to record the foot strike etc. Quite interesting to see the mechanics of your own foot in slow motion. Apparently i have a neutral style of running which it turns out is good. So i spent a small fortune on these.

Ran 4.21 miles in 35:32 @ 8:26 min/miles pace

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Fartlek, Hills, type of run

The sun came out this morning while i was at work so not to miss such a rare event i stopped what i was doing put my running kit on and went for a run in case it only lasted a short period. The blue sky was welcome but could not disguise the blood chilling temperatures outside. I ended up doing an odd sort of run. My legs were tired from yesterdays efforts so i just ran as hard as i could uphill which there are many where i was today and then sort of bimbled on the downhill bits.

Ran 4.23 miles in 39:04 @ 9:14 min/miles pace

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8 Miler.

Just got back from a looped 8 miler. The route includes a massive hill. I say massive it’s not that big but it is huge. I finally did a run i intended to do before i did it if that makes any sense at all? I usually just run and see how i feel and whatever distance is done then that’s it.

I think i should have typed this in about 2 hours from now because i just seem to be rambling and I’m finding it hard to focus on the keyboard.

Ran 8.19 miles in 1:13:14 @ 8:57 min/miles pace

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