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Bird Support.

Saturday morning i went for 4 miler at home. Today i went for a 6 miler down the beach. It was rather blowy down on the front. I got caught out on the way back where a slightly freaky wave came rushing up on the path and completely soaked the bottom half of my legs anyway i had these little fellas cheering me on at about the 3.5 mile point.

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Ha! i laugh in the face of weakness.

Another very cold run this evening. Quite pleased with myself to be honest i was lying on my living room floor after work messing about with my son thinking about getting a load of beer in but had a moment of inspiration and got my arse outside.

I am trying to grow a X-Mas beard this was taken post run about 9 days growth i think.


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Just got back from a very cold 4.5 miler. I haven’t run in the cold like that for ages, a real lung stinger. I’m hoping this burst of enthusiasm will develop into more consistency.

Just the little matter of X-Mas and New Year to get through.

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Deep Heat

After the 10 miler on Sunday i have been rubbing copious amounts of this stuff into my legs. I took a 2 day rest and then managed to get out for a quick 4 miler.



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Last night i managed to get out and do just over 4 miles and because i haven’t run for a couple of days i did what i always do and shouldn’t do and that’s run to fast. I was averaging just under 8 minute/miles and just over 8 minute miles in the hilly bit. So this morning i got up feeling a bit sore and went for a 5 miler on a route i haven’t been on in ages. Also very up and down.

1 more week of work and I’m off on holiday until January the 6th.


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Sweaty Chin

Have a picture of my sweaty chin after this evenings 4 miler.
Really pleased with the pace of this run. After the rest day yesterday i felt like trying to find a comfortable quicker pace, if there is such a thing. I wanted to show you a photo of the worst mp3 player in the world but even the picture didn’t come out very well that’s how shite it is and i can’t be arsed to go all the way downstairs to take another snap.

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A quick 5

Got my arse out of bed and went for a 5 miler this morning. Very frosty today. We are all off to go and see Santa today at some garden center somewhere.

gps track of run Running Data

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