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Two contrasting runs completed so far this week. Yesterday i went for a 4 miler where i really couldn’t be arsed to go out and today i was really keen to get out running and did a nice 5 miler. When i feel lethargic/lazy like i did yesterday i must admit it does take a lot of effort to get my kit on and get outside. I think it has a lot to do with the weather. It’s a joy to go out for a plod below big blue skies but when it starts to get grim and cold that’s the tester. With that thought in mind as we plunge into Autumn I’m off for a warm bath.

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I have been running honest.

Just not much. I have been just about ticking over. Which means 2 3 or 4 miles a week. No excuse it’s just plain laziness and as a result a few pounds have crept in. Eeeek! I will soon get rid of that.

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Woo Hoo!

3 Very very hard miles. I have no idea why i do these lazy cycles all the time but the only thing i can say is this time it’s gonna be different………i hope.

Thanks for the comments you 2 cheers! You have no idea how much that helps. :)

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