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Marathon Training Guide.

The Ultimate Guide To Marathon Training.

I was lucky enough to get sent a copy of this a few days ago and with me having a stinking cold it was a perfect opportunity to get my head stuck into it which I did this weekend.

It is more of a really thick magazine but it really is literally packed with quality advice and information. There is just a handful of advertising as opposed to the endless pages of product endorsement you get in other publications like these.

It is pitched at the whole spectrum of running abilities and weather you are just thinking about doing your first Marathon or are a seasoned veteran you will find stuff in here very useful and indeed inspiring. I am not exaggerating I read articles in here and afterwards felt the need to get my trainers on and go training (which I did)

All subjects are covered and come across as friendly advice instead of the geeky technical jargon you usually get. It makes a lot of sense and is very practical such as

  • Training Advice
  • Nutrition Tips
  • Essential Gear
  • Cross Training

Hints and tips are scattered throughout the book which made reading about the different topics a pleasure. At the back are some great Training Schedules ranging from “Get me round in one piece” to “Sub 2hrs 55mins”.

A highly recommended read and useful training tool. The Ultimate Guide to Marathon Running is available from for only £6.96

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