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Just got back from a very cold 4.5 miler. I haven’t run in the cold like that for ages, a real lung stinger. I’m hoping this burst of enthusiasm will develop into more consistency.

Just the little matter of X-Mas and New Year to get through.

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Got a PB!!!

Just got back from doing the Nick Beer 10km Road Race and i got a pb of 48.07. Well chuffed with this time after the crap preparation. Everyone shot off like a bolt at the start but the first 5km is all uphill and what a bloody hill. So i held back and just plodded on in a normal sort of training mode pace. After about 4km the patience paid off and i started picking off people one by one.

The downhill bit i just let fly but i still found this quite hard going. I had a good strong finish. The best and most pleasing thing about all this was i didn’t hide at all and gave it everything i had.

nick-beer-race-026 nick-beer-race-007 nick-beer-race-008 nick-beer-race-009 nick-beer-race-010 nick-beer-race-019 nick-beer-race-021 nick-beer-race-023

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2009 Racing

One of the things i want to do this year is enter more races. So doing more than one or two a year should not be to hard. Next month me and the wife are doing the Nick Beer 10km which is not far from here and in March we have also both entered the Reading Half Marathon which Jogblog is doing as well. So i think that’s quite a good start to what is hopefully going to be a a good year with many races.


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Work Running

I went for a quick 5 miler while i was at work this afternoon and because i work in the hilly bits it was a hard 5 miler. I don’t particuly enjoy running around here because there is just no let up. As soon as i leave that quarry it’s straight up. 

I haven’t done a race in ages so i entered the Nick Beer Llandudno 10km. the first half of this race is all up hill so todays run counts as hill training.

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