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Army Fitness Assessment (PFA)

Once a year (3 times in my case due to admin errors) I have to do a the standard British Army fitness assessment. I did one last night. I have to do it because I’m in the reserve forces. The test involves: 2 Minutes of Press ups 2 Minutes of sit ups 2.4km Run (after completing 800m walk/run warm up)
You have to get a certain amount of press ups and sit ups depending on your age. In my case 49 and 59 respectively. Which I got quite easily. I did the run in 11:00 mins. I’ve had very little training and just coming off a stinky chest cold I thought I did ok. Everyone in the group got slow times due to strong winds.

I’m going away this weekend with the Army to do more military tests one which includes running/marching with weight on your back and carrying a weapon for 6 miles. Oh the joy!

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