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Flint 10km

I have with some trepidation entered a race for this coming Sunday. A 10k but I haven’t stepped a foot over 6 miles in ages. Anyway doing the run with my other half so should be ok. Training so far has been.

Slow 4 miler – Sunday
Hilly 2 miler – Wednesday
Very Hilly 3 miler – Today.

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Non Race Report Pandas and Bamboo

I didn’t run the Conwy Half Marathon this Sunday as i woke with a stinking cold and a mild hangover. unbelievably bad preparation. In fact probably the worst thing i could have done. Anyway life goes on. I went to the race to support two of my mates who i dragged into doing it in the first place so i thought it was the least i could do. Both did really well with times of 1 hour 44 mins and 1 hour 41 mins. I was genuinely pleased for them because this was the first time they have done a race like this and they had a blast.

I saw this Panda running around and this bush. My 5 year old daughter had to point out the fact that the bush was Bamboo and that’s what the Panda eats. I would have never made the correlation. I mean i do know Pandas eat bamboo but the whole bush thing? you know what i mean!

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Sheffield Half Marathon 2010

We made our way down to Sheffield yesterday and booked into our hotel. The room was that small i didn’t need my glasses to watch the TV it was that close. Anyway one of our friends lives in this great city so we went out for a meal with her. I promised myself only 1 glass of wine but i ended up having one of those huge bulbous glasses which is probably a good quarter of a bottle if not more of some fine Italian red and 2 rather strong beers. When we got back to our cell/ hotel room i was lying on the bed stuffed moaning out loudly “what have i done?”

Got up and i was nervous but feeling not to bad. A bit of a delay before the race started and once we got underway i had a bloody nightmare. I was bursting for a pee and i mean bursting so the first mile was just horrendous. I found a toilet and quickly went then after the great relief i was so chuffed i bounded along. Found a nice rhythm and  seemed to cruise on nicely. It’s a very undulating course and this is where i was at my strongest going up hill due to that fact i do all my training in the slopes of North Wales (yet to find some flat bits).

The Sheffield crowd were awesome and at points the hair on the back of neck was sticking up with the roar of the crowds in the city center and the finish in the stadium was just magnificent.

I will be doing this again.

Ran 13.17 miles in 1:52:47 @ 8:34 min/miles pace

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Got a PB!!!

Just got back from doing the Nick Beer 10km Road Race and i got a pb of 48.07. Well chuffed with this time after the crap preparation. Everyone shot off like a bolt at the start but the first 5km is all uphill and what a bloody hill. So i held back and just plodded on in a normal sort of training mode pace. After about 4km the patience paid off and i started picking off people one by one.

The downhill bit i just let fly but i still found this quite hard going. I had a good strong finish. The best and most pleasing thing about all this was i didn’t hide at all and gave it everything i had.

nick-beer-race-026 nick-beer-race-007 nick-beer-race-008 nick-beer-race-009 nick-beer-race-010 nick-beer-race-019 nick-beer-race-021 nick-beer-race-023

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I went out into the bleak streets this evening with the good intention of doing a 5 miler. About 1 mile into the run a bloke across the road came level with me he was also out running. So i increased the pace to get ahead but he then did the same.

The last i saw of him was a tiny speck about 400 meters in front of me while i through my efforts to try and keep up was completely blown out.

3.4 miles was all i could manage.

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