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Thank God for this wonderful material. It was chucking it down before i set off for a 6 miler this morning and my running programme in my head said i needed to go for a slow one. So indeed i did. The first 3 miles into the driving wind and rain but the push on the back all the way in was very welcome. This is the first time in a long time that i have done a longer run.

21 miles in total this week

I have replaced the pain of a hangover with the long run. Things are looking up.

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Run In The Hills

At work i went for a quick 3.5 mile run at the second attempt. I say second because the first time i walked outside it was cold and raining and i wimped out and went back indoors for half an hour. It calmed down and off i went. This area is very hilly and the first mile or so is just a killer. A dog came running after me as i passed a farm and it had a muzzle on which was good news this did not stop me from running faster for a brief period of time.


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