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Keeping Still

Having broken ribs is a great way to relax. You should try it. No don’t it’s awful, you can’t laugh, sneeze, cough or look to the side in a swift manner. What it can do is make an otherwise active person reflect and then plan on what you can do when you get better. Being forced to do nothing is a great way to remind you how much you love getting out. I desperately want to go for a small run or jump on my bike for a spin but I can’t. Sometimes when i’m fit and healthy I can’t believe I give these opportunities a miss.

I know that first plod or bike ride is going to hurt but it will be one of the best. We are in the process of planning another trip to Scotland towards the end of March 2016. I have had time to pour over the maps and look at all the western islands we plan to explore. That all seems a bit of a dream from my perspective right now but I know I will be sitting in some beautiful landscape after a great day with wee dram and massive smile on my face come the early spring.

So get the hammer out and give the rib cage a good whack!! and relax.

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Post Race Run And Thanks.

Usually i don’t run for quite awhile after doing a race. Not out of some athletic, scientific health rest reason but because i usually get very drunk, fatter and lazy. So i got my arse out this afternoon for a 5 miler with stiff legs and sore feet.  I have no plans with regards to entering any races so I’m off to have a good scan on Runners World to see if there is anything worth doing.

Many thanks for all the congrats  etc it means a lot and it’s nice to know humans read this blog.

Ran 5.01 miles in 44:31 @ 8:53 min/miles pace

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