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Blister Soup.

Went for a quick 4 miler this afternoon after work. I got this blister from this weeks runs. It’s one of those that don’t hurt, i just noticed it while i was having bath.

running blister

I promised JogBlog i would post my roasted Tomato Soup recipe which i made on Sunday. My 4 year old daughter loved it so this is going to go into our regular meals. Serves about 3 or 4 helpings. Great with homemade bread.

1kg Tomatoes, 2 Garlic cloves, Hand full fresh Basil, 3 Sun-dried Tomatoes, 1tsp Thyme (dry), 1 Onion, 1 litre Chicken or Veg Stock, Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper,

Heat Oven to 220c chop onion and tomatoes bung all that into a large baking tray with the thyme, garlic, salt and pepper pour over a few glugs of Olive Oil give it a good shake. When the oven is up to temp put it in for about 30 mins or until you start to see some of the tomatoes and onions char. Get the stock to boil. Pour the stock in with the tomato mix and add the sun-dried tomato and basil.

Blitz all that up in a blender and then strain it through a sieve. Serve warm not piping hot.

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Hill Work

It all sounds quite easy on paper. 10 reps of 200 meter uphill, jog down to recover. That was what i had a crack at doing this afternoon. After the 3rd rep i was blowing out of my arse it was just so hard. I think this obviously shows a lack of aerobic fitness and something i need to work on. I could only manage 8 and now that i have recovered i feel a bit let down i suppose its good to get a kick up the butt at this point and not just a few weeks before the Marathon when its to late to do something about it.

My wife still hasn’t popped our son out yet, 1 day overdue now.

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Woot!! the Olympics have started. I love them. I can remember watching the Los Angeles Olympics in 84 when i was 11 and being completely hooked to the TV when the commentary even sounded fuzzy and far away. I love em.

Just got back from a quick 3 miler only a short one becauase tommorow morning im going for a very slow 15 miler.

Just want to point you over to Running Matters post on
“In the Gym” :) great stuff.

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A 5 miler this afternoon and i did that thing where you speed up for awhile say about 600 to 700 meters or so in my case until i can’t breathe anymore and then slow down until you get your breath back and repeat. Just adds a little interest instead of the mindless plodding i usually do.

And here is a picture from the garden i took today post heavily photo-shopped for no apparent reason.

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