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Fast 4 Tuesday.

Just got back from a 4 miler. I had a few Guinness last night not many just more than one :) and i felt it today during this run. Race weekend this Sunday it’s advertised as an undulating 10km……eeps!

Ran 4.21 miles in 34:19 @ 8:09 min/miles pace

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7 miler

Just got back from what was supposed to be a long slow run but i ended up going to quick for the first 2 miles and ended up paying for it at about 5.5 miles feeling sick and slow. Sooo hungry when i got back and have just stuffed myself with an Omelette and a massive ham salad sandwich washed down with several gallons of Juice.

Ran 7.05 miles in 1:02:04 @ 8:48 min/miles pace

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Arse Headache

Last week i injured my back due to a large consumption of beer and a fall down a few steps. I seem to have damaged my Sciatic Nerve which runs from the spine down both arse cheeks and the back of the legs. I was out of action for about a week and as a consequence my left butt cheek has a constant headache pain.

Anyway i got my aching arse out for a run yesterday but not before much deliberation umming and trying to think of an excuse to just eat the Feta cheese that’s in the fridge instead. 3 painful miles later i was buzzing after getting that always difficult first run out of the way.

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Sore Legs

The old pins are hurting after doing some good running over the last few days. Not huge mileage (that’s to come) but i have been putting a lot of effort into a few 4 milers. I am only going for a quick 3 miles in the morning.

Taking the canoe down the River Conwy tommorow should be quite interesting dodging all the Yachts as we paddle into Conwy Marina sometime tomorrow afternoon :)

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This is the sound i make all day with the new cough who has decided to join in. When i go for a run it goes away but it comes back the moment i walk into the house. It seems to know it’s been away for a short period of time and obviously decides to make up for it because my chest sounds like a bag of marbles in a large metal tin shaken by a 4 year old.

Well i managed to do a 4 miler on Friday and when i got back from doing a little overtime at work this morning i did another 4 miles. Getting slightly high on the medicine i am taking or is that all the Coffee i had today?


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Oh Man!

I have just run the hardest 3 miler in my life. I decided i had to do something and with a runny nose, sore throat and the extra poundage gained over the last few weeks i went for a run plod. The last time i felt physical pain like that was when i was in the Army. I was slow, heavy and constantly out of breath. Happy i did something but man is this gonna take awhile to get back in shape.

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Last night i managed to get out and do just over 4 miles and because i haven’t run for a couple of days i did what i always do and shouldn’t do and that’s run to fast. I was averaging just under 8 minute/miles and just over 8 minute miles in the hilly bit. So this morning i got up feeling a bit sore and went for a 5 miler on a route i haven’t been on in ages. Also very up and down.

1 more week of work and I’m off on holiday until January the 6th.


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I was expecting huge amounts of Snow today but this was all i could find. I went for a 5 miler while i was at work in those hills, it absolutely pissed down towards the end hence the fastest mile of the 5 is the last one which also had an uphill bit. Didn’t stop me from getting soaked.

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