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How Many Miles Can You Run In One Year?

This year I am hoping to break 600 miles. This is a long way if you set out now from your house to run 600 miles but spread over a year it is 1.64 miles a day. I did secretly harbor ambitions to run over a 1000 miles at the start of 2016. That’s just over 19.2 miles a week.  Not impossible but when you start missing the odd week that can really crank up the pressure.  Whiskey (Scottish Single Malt, 12 year old Caol Ila since you asked) and Beer put that one back in bed for me.

This year has been a good year for me with regards to running. I haven’t had any long breaks from it. Being consistent is a big deal for me personally.

Next year, well I’m running a marathon in March so I should get a good start to the year. I’m not going to put a target on it because then that becomes the thing to do. What I do want to do is at least add another 100 miles to last years total.

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