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How Many Miles Can You Run In One Year?

This year I am hoping to break 600 miles. This is a long way if you set out now from your house to run 600 miles but spread over a year it is 1.64 miles a day. I did secretly harbor ambitions to run over a 1000 miles at the start of 2016. That’s just over 19.2 miles a week.  Not impossible but when you start missing the odd week that can really crank up the pressure.  Whiskey (Scottish Single Malt, 12 year old Caol Ila since you asked) and Beer put that one back in bed for me.

This year has been a good year for me with regards to running. I haven’t had any long breaks from it. Being consistent is a big deal for me personally.

Next year, well I’m running a marathon in March so I should get a good start to the year. I’m not going to put a target on it because then that becomes the thing to do. What I do want to do is at least add another 100 miles to last years total.

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How To Start Running

The smug answer is “just run” unfortunately like most things in life it’s not that easy. In fact, once you have made the decision to start running and have a concerted effort at it, those early runs can be the hardest runs you ever do.

Go Slow

So with that in mind. Go slow and I mean slow. A common mistake is to start running and after a few hundred meters it feels easy so you naturally increase the pace slightly. Then you find your lungs burning this pain seems to increase because most people who start running are doing it at as a New Years resolution and as such it’s usually cold ( sorry Southern Hemisphere people) the cold gets deep into those tubes and it stings. Then the legs start to feel heavy and sometimes you get a searing pain in one of the shoulders. You stop and that was horrific.  You do the same thing the next day hoping this time it won’t be so bad however, it’s worse. Those heavy legs are stiff from yesterday’s efforts. A lot of people give up because the harsh reality is as I said at the start is running or starting to run is hard.

So go slow and stay slow. So slow in fact it will feel too easy. It needs to stay that way for at least a week maybe two. If you want to walk then walk. Paula Radcliffe the current world record holder for the women’s marathon often walks when out training on her slow runs. So don’t ever feel like you are being lazy or not doing it “right”.

Just Restart

I have started and restarted running numerous times over the last 20 years. Unless you are the most dedicated person in the world then this starting restarting is going to happen. The principles still apply start slow and stay slow.

Training Program

Below is a running schedule for beginners. Like all these things they are not set in stone and should simply provide a framework for you to use. Life will get in the way of your running but don’t let it stop you in your tracks. Just start from where you left off.

Click here to download the schedule.

 Feeling Self Conscious

If you’re a bit embarrassed to go out running and worry what people think then always remember you’re the one taking control and doing something positive. If you have a friend that’s willing to go out on a few runs ask them to join you. Ultimately though you want your runs to become imbued in your everyday life. This feeling of self-consciousness will simply wear off after a few runs when you see how much you are left alone.

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Food, Running, Weight Loss and The New World Order

I am writing this just after the U.S voted in Donald Trump.  The subject matter while essential for the existence of human life does seems to pale into insignificance when compared to the change in the new world order.

Food. The only time I lost a significant amount of weight was when I  counted the calories going into my body. I weighed all my food and noted everything down. I combined this with running and in a  short amount of time the fat started to drop off. The rest of the time I have  been deluding myself into thinking that whatever I eat I just burn off through lots of running. I know this yet I still stuff a white bread, processed cheese with salted peanuts covered in chill sauce sandwich down my neck at the same time saying in my head “I need the carbs”.

So with that in mind I have gone back to the tedium of weighing food and noting the exact amounts I shovel in my face. So I’m going to add a page to show what I’m putting in my system. You will be pleased to hear I won’t be making notes of what comes out. This is more for my own motivational purposes because like this blog about running, It is a tool that makes me run. So like a small side blog I’m going to note and list my intake.

Donald Trump! Ffs!

  • This Month – 19.5 Miles
  • This Year – 504.5 Miles
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Cygnett sports armband

Just before Christmas i was kindly sent a  Cygnett sports armband which holds the iPhone and iPod. It holds the HTC Desire just as well. Its black and it has an adjustable Velcro strap which sits comfortably on the arm. I was slightly concerned that it may slip down after a few miles running but it sits there quite firmly. You can still use the touchscreen through the clear plastic window with no problems at all. It is now a part of my running kit when i take my phone out to record runs using the GPS. I have been converted from using a Garmin GPS to using my phone for a few reasons.

  1. Phone has a good Camera for the outdoor shot
  2. GPS software is updated regularly and tracks quickly
  3. Loads of running stats websites to Auto upload on WiFi when I’m in  the shower.
  4. No more MP3 Player. Music from the phone. (used to look like i was running with spaghetti)
  5. I have my phone on me in case the Prime Minister needs me



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A Friday Kick Start

I got myself a new running app for my android phone and decided to go for a little shuffle round the quarry this afternoon. If you really want to see the stats ets then you can see them here. Nothing special.



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Just came back from a 4 miler this morning. Running for me at the moment is very hard. It’s like trying to run through thick treacle with my boots made of iron. My lungs feel heavy and I just want to stop. I have been here before after years of heavy drinking and overheating. I know I will come out of this in the end as a better runner and I have already seen some very small improvements.

Plodding on.

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Away with my family for five days at a place called Abersoch on the Llyn Peninsula. We are sort of camping. I say sort of because we are staying in what can only be described as a hollow log.

This place looks like a great area to run in.

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The Birds

The skanky seagulls just woke me up it’s just after 6 in the morning and I’m supposed to be on holiday. This is that bit where I have to use all my strength both mentally and physically to go for a run.
It’s so warm in this duvet though. I can’t go later.

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Edit: So i eventually got my arse up after repeatedly saying “shall i ? shan’t i? shall i? shan’t i?” in the end i just shouted BOLLOCKS! not out loud of course just inside my own face and with that echoing inside my empty skull i found myself running around town at 06:30.

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