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GPS Graffiti

After i had finished work i went out with the intention of doing some hill sprints or just old fashioned running fast getting my breath back and repeat until i feel sick. I also came up with a little plan where i try to “write” my name with the GPS. This failed as you can see from the result below unless my name is squiggly line which indeed it is not. So next time I’m gonna find a big field and make a better effort. Yes i felt sick at the end.


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Run with a cold?

No Way! Ive done this before and it just makes it worse. I know some people say it does you good but advice from every medical resource i can find says don’t do it as well. So I’ve had a bit of a cold early on this week which is why i haven’t run until today. I went for a 4 miler while i was at work (do i run any other time?) and it was crap. All i have done for the last few days is stuff my face with crap food and man did i feel it when i was running.


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