That 30 Mile Walk

On Saturday me and a few mates from the Army set off on a 30 mile walk from Prestatyn to Conwy Castle for the charity Help For Heroes. Glorious day which no doubt helped the spirit and goodwill we received form the public as we marched on throughout the day. We were joined by about 100 other people from various groups such as the Youth Fire Service and Royal Marine Cadets. We carried a stretcher all the way round with a nod to the Help For Heroes Banner.

I think the pain set in at about 17 miles where I got a real shooting pain in my right hip at about 21 miles my left hip joined the party. I have to say it was rather hard and I was very glad to finish in the stunning surroundings of Conwy Castle a band playing and a throng of people to greet us. We were rewarded with a free beer and a meal in the Bluebell Pub in Conwy itself.

Great Day!