That Extra Mile

My training for the Glencoe Marathon is going well. This is the longest period of time i have kept up running on a consistent basis for many months. The other day after work i decided to go for a mid week 5 miler. This run takes me past a farmhouse that has a nasty dog that attacks but just stops short of biting. Unnerving to say the least. The route i take usually takes me back past this farmhouse and that shitty dog so on this run when i got to about 4.5 miles i decided to go another route back which takes me up a massive hill and adds another mile to the run. The day was really hot and i had been going at a good pace (for me) up to this point. I managed to nail that hill and finish really strongly.

I have found another place to start which completely avoids running past the mutt but thanks to that beast i have been adding that extra mile to my runs after that particular run gave me confidence to try just that bit more.