That Jacket

Now days the choice of an outdoor jacket has become just as important as the boot. The price range of mens jackets for example can range from a few quid for a paclite jacket (that will make you sweat more than keep rain off) to in the thousands of pounds which are cut and designed to very high specifications usually for serious mountain climbers.
I own a few jackets for the outdoors but the truth is I have 2 that I use all year round and I have had these jackets for many years. Not so long ago your main jacket did everything. Kept you warm, dry and comfortable in all weathers. These jackets you now see less of because most people use the layering system.
I have what most normal would call a “bit of a problem” with my fetish sorry fascination and interest in Gore Tex. I think it comes from the times when I first had a Gore Tex jacket when I was in the Army and it actually kept me dry.
Before that we were issued with the cheapest and nastiest bits of kit imaginable. They literally spared every expense back in those days and I spent many a miserable night in the hills of the Brecon Beacons soaked wet through. So when we were issued with the new jackets I never looked back.

I now have a lightweight North Face waterproof jacket that has to be one of my favorite bits of kit. I have had this beauty for about 12 years now and it has never let me down and is still going strong to this very day. In fact it is packed away in my rucksack ready for a weekend in the hills.
I’m starting to get back into the ultra light weight mode of kit and as such I am now looking out for a new jacket. I might even try out a different material from Gore Tex…………………………………………….No I wont.