The Lost Paddle

Padarn is a lake (Llyn – Welsh) at the base of Mount Snowdon. We take the Kayaks here a few times a year. The best time is during the depths of winter where you get those still, cold days and the reflection the mountains on the lake are stunning. It can get quite busy in the summer months and the area is prone to clouds of Midges in the morning. 

On this day me and my son were out in the middle of the lake on the open canoe and I dropped a really expensive hand crafted paddle in the water while trying to take a photo of my boy. The lake is black and with the slight ripples being created by the wind and the few seconds it took me to put my camera down I completely lost sight of it. This isn’t my paddle it’s my best mates and I was in a panic to say the least. About 10 minutes of frantic searching I was ready to give up and face the embarrassment and shame of such a stupid thing to do when suddenly my son shouts “there it is dad!!” Like a hero he grabbed it and chucked it back in the boat and I sat back in pure relief. When we got to shore we never spoke a word of the incident to anyone until now.