These are the trainers i have collected over the last 4  years. I would say i get good mileage out of a pair of running shoes and don’t tend to just throw away a pair just because they are not the latest model etc. The best pair i have ever owned were the original Nike Air Pegasus. Nothing in my opinion has come close to the overall comfort and durability of that shoe. I use 4 sets of that lot for training depending on the weather and the location of my run depends on the type i wear. I mostly run off-road so trail shoes are more suited to the runs i do but i do find them just as good on the road to.

I went to look at some triathlon bikes to get a feel as to what was going on. Far to expensive for me so I’m just gonna have to cycle the mileage on my trusty old Halfords bike.

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  • Stephen


    Hi Phil, are you still using all of these shoes, or does this pic include ones you’ve retired?

  • Phil


    Yeah 3 or 4 of those are retired. I am sadly reluctant to throw them away they have seen me in such pain and suffering we shared something :)

  • CrossFit Nutrition


    I’m a big fan of Nike Pegasus too, although my latest pair seem to be a bit wider than they used to be? I loved the last pair of Gel Kayanos I had, they seemed to add a few inches to every stride, but they’re just too expensive for me at the moment.

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