Under Armour ColdBlack Shortsleeve T-Shirt Review

I was kindly sent this t-shirt from the people at Under Armour I was recently advised/told by somebody that i should start using technical t-shirts when i go running because it was pointed out that wearing t-shirts made of cotton that i got in 1996 is not the done thing these days. With that in mind i was pleased to receive this just before the Chester Half Marathon. The blurb from the site says “Revolutionary coldblack® technology makes dark colors act more like light colors, and light colors act like nothing else. It also has the benefit of protecting your skin from sun damage. Your new go-to training T-shirt for the sweltering sun. “

On the day of the race it was nice and sunny so an ideal opportunity to test this bit of kit out. It feels nice to the skin and i really like the look of it. I also noticed lots of runners wearing stuff from Under Armour on the day to. It performed well. As an owner of no technical t shirts this was a pleasant surprise. When i finished the race it dried in no time at all so i didn’t get the usual chills after the run.

Great T-shirt stylish and works well.