Weights and Running

I haven’t lifted a single bit of weight lifting equipment for years. I don’t do many press ups ,pull ups and sit ups and by many I mean none at all. This is the reason I have well defined legs and an upper body of a sloth.

I recently went on a health and wellbeing course at work which was not as horrendous as it sounds. It was delivered by a professional training team and best of all we didn’t have to do any role playing. I didn’t go to RADA that’s why I work in a quarry.

They took us through a height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, body fat you name it examination with lots of high tech kit. At the end of this you got a printout of all the details. It turns out I have a metabolic age of 51 I’m actually 44. This was because of my weight and overall body fat.
So now I own weights with a bench and I have a plan to reduce the body fat and build muscle to improve my metabolism and stop being a fat shit. This combined with smaller portions of food along with my running should do the trick.

I will keep you posted.