West Wales

The run i went on has some of the most spectacular views. I will take my camera with me on my next run. It’s along the coastal path very close to sheer drop cliffs looking over a sea bay with views of the mountains in the background.

I am on the coast of west Wales at the moment and after 2 days rest from running i decided to try another run to test it out. It went supprisingly well (just a couple of miles) and the Achilles held up with just the odd twinge here and there. I really don’t want it to snap on me after hearing some horror stories from other runners. Apparently it’s worse than breaking a leg because they never recover properly and as such can never run as well as they used to. So i’m thinking lots of cross training is in order for a good few months. The trouble is i say that but doing it is a different matter but in this case i really am going to have to do it.

I am posting this from a bus stop by the way.