What’s In My Rucksack?

 I was contacted and asked what do I always carry in my rucksack? What are my essentials?

It all depends on the environment, duration and weather but there are few things I do always take and these are mostly based around safety. So just for the purposes of this I have worked it out as a 2 day hike where there are plenty of trees in the midst of a typical autumn in the UK.

As you can see from the pictures I do use a lot of dry bags. They keep my stuff dry and it helps a lot with organizing my kit. The rucksack is an 80 liter Canyon from Mountain Warehouse which is more than enough for this of thing. I have a philosophy of not packing my gear to its maximum compression which is a common mistake.

msr pot 9

The idea is to pack it as if I was outdoors which is different from doing it in a nice warm room out of the wind and rain. I still take the time to do it in a logical manner but I don’t take ages trying to make everything small. This helps tremendously when I am packing up and moving on when outdoors. Another common mistake is to try and fill the rucksack out. I always try to leave as much room as possible spare. You don’t need all that spare gear.

Essentials – These are always with me when I go to remote places.

First Aid Kit
Head Torch
Para cord
Map and Compass
Mobile Phone
Sleeping Bag
Bivi Bag
Waterproofs – Gortex jacket and trousers


Extras – While this stuff is not under essentials it doesn’t make them less important it’s just that this stuff changes a lot depending on what I am doing.

Warm/ Windproof Top
Roll Mat.
Jungle Net
T- Shirt