Why I Love The Water

While health and fitness should be integral to most people, it is easier to stay fit and healthy when you enjoy it. For a lot of people, staying active is a bit of a slog and it is something that they feel as though they have to do as opposed to it being something that they want to do. This can make it very tough to maintain a good routine and when the weather is bad or there are other activities to do, these people will abandon their fitness pursuits for something else. This is why it is best to find a fitness activity that really appeals to you as well as providing you with a great way to get fit.

There are many ways to stay fit which means you need to think about what you are looking for in life. Some people find running outside or on a treadmill is rather boring. The social elements of a running club may be beneficial but the whole running aspect may be a bit of a let-down to you. As a child, I was fortunate enough to have a love of water instilled in me by my parents and this has pretty much been a constant in my life. Swimming is the most natural way to make the most of what water can offer but there are plenty of options and activities available to people.

There are lots of fitness benefits to working out in water

From a fitness perspective, I really love working out in water. You avoid the pounding of streets and the pressure on your joints that you get with running on the road. If you have weak joints or you have suffered injuries in the past, knowing that there is a more effective way to train is going to be a huge comfort for many people. However, you can really push yourself while working out in the water and there are plenty of great activities to enjoy.
If you are a sociable person, there are plenty of team activities to enjoy. From synchronised swimming to water polo, there are plenty of ways to get fit with your friends. There are also lots of great activities like rowing, paddling, kayaking and canoeing. No matter what sort of water based activity you want to try, you will want to make sure that you have the right equipment which is where North Shore Water Sport Equipment can really help you out.

There is an added element of danger to working out in the water but only if you don’t treat the water with respect. If you use machine weights or a treadmill, you need to treat the machine with respect and this is exactly the case when you work out in the water. No matter how strenuous you want your fitness regime to be, working out in water can help you achieve great things, which is why I love the water.